Meet The Team

The work is as important as the pleasure we get from doing it. It appears spontaneously when people who love creating, learning and growing get together, forming a team with ties that transcend the workplace. WE ARE FAMILY


We approach dreams with curiosity and experiment, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

those who believe in this dream

Kaaba Virtual Experience is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks


Novianty Djajadikara


{$value->name}}-Chief Executive Officer

Gerryadi Agusta Sachanity

Chief Executive Officer

{$value->name}}-Chief Information Officer

Bobby Chahya Utama S

Chief Information Officer

{$value->name}}-Chief Technology Officer

Lukman Nul Hakim

Chief Technology Officer

{$value->name}}-Corporate Secretary

Resty Savira Oktaviani

Corporate Secretary

{$value->name}}-Chief Operational Officer

Yusep Teja Purnama

Chief Operational Officer

{$value->name}}-Chief Financial Officer

Rizky Rachman (Uba)

Chief Financial Officer

{$value->name}}-Information Technology Supervisor

Muhammad Fajar

Information Technology Supervisor

{$value->name}}-Lead Application Architect

Bondan Rachmat S

Lead Application Architect

{$value->name}}-Lead Mobile Engineer

Efrizal Degriyanto

Lead Mobile Engineer

{$value->name}}-Lead 3D Artist

Adi Budiman

Lead 3D Artist

{$value->name}}-Lead 3D Animator

Faisal Rizqi

Lead 3D Animator

{$value->name}}-Lead VFX Artist & Motion Designer

Nanda Pratama Putra

Lead VFX Artist & Motion Designer

{$value->name}}-Lead Illustration

Akhmad Budiman

Lead Illustration

{$value->name}}-Art Director

Ikhsal Salman R

Art Director

{$value->name}}-Sr. Motion Designer

Cuk Exsa Ariel Deva

Sr. Motion Designer

{$value->name}}-Sr. Copy Writer & Content Strategist

Hasna Salma

Sr. Copy Writer & Content Strategist


Wida Noor Fatwa


{$value->name}}-Sr. Graphic Designer

Risye Nurfarah

Sr. Graphic Designer

{$value->name}}-Sr. Copy Writer & Content Strategist

Nurdiana Azizah

Sr. Copy Writer & Content Strategist