The Life Changing Experience in the heart of muslims faith

KAABA Virtual Experience is a multimedia product based in Bandung, Indonesia. Specially designed to serve the necessary information and experience about Umrah and Hajj for every Muslim in the world through the latest technology

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insightful for ummah.

What's in the box

Together to make more meaningfull product for ummah.
Along our path will take on greater meaning and it shows in everything – from what we design and produce, to what we value and believe. Creativity: it’s what drives us.

Kaaba Virtual Experiences

We will help you to feel it!

Imagine yourself being in Mecca, guided through Umrah and Hajj rituals, go back to the past to learn the history, understand deeper meaning in every rituals of umrah & Hajj and feel the energy inside. This experiences is made to fit you.

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Kaaba Virtual Experiences

Amazing People and Beyond

Kaaba Virtual Experiences Team combine with 3 major speciality skills set, creative, technology, and management. The Founders, Gerryadi Augusta, Lukman Hakim, Bobby Chahya Utama S and Novianty with almost 10 years experience expert in multimedia, technical research for technology and platform has been worked for many different project for big company national and international projects.

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Kaaba Virtual Experiences


Kaaba Virtual Experience became the only Indonesian representative, at the 6th Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, having previously competed with 10 Islamic economic products in Indonesia.

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Kaaba Virtual Experiences


Kaaba Virtual Experiences


Kaaba Virtual Experiences


Kaaba Virtual Experiences

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together to make more insightful product for ummah.

Kaaba Virtual Experiences Kaaba Virtual Experiences Kaaba Virtual Experiences Kaaba Virtual Experiences

project consultant

Thankfully we have some support from university, government, islamic organization and professionals as our consultants to help our project on the track.